Baby cribs make the top of the list when you go shopping for your newborn baby. it is the first thing your baby will get exposed to when you take your baby home from nursery. A crib is going to be his first experience of what his parents can give him and how thoughtful they are. When you visit a baby store or an online shopping website, you will come across many baby cribs with different designs and colors, but you need to pick the one with the best baby crib mattress. In this article, we are going to focus on the safety standards of a baby crib and the size and quality of mattress to be used in a baby crib.

The current safety standards regarding baby crib are set by Consumer Products Safety Commission. This organization makes sure that all the baby cribs, irrespective of their prices; meet the quality standards designed by the commission. So, make sure the baby cribs you are looking at are certified and passed all the traditional and additional voluntary standards. In U.S. one million baby cribs are sold every year.

Following is a list of safety checks when you are buying a baby crib. Also, make sure that you have the best baby crib mattress to fit in the crib.

The vertical bars of the crib must not be more than at a distance of 2 3/8 inches. If space is more than this measurement, then this crib might be dangerous for your baby. The baby might get stuck in the distance between the bars and lead to a serious injury.

If you are looking for a crib with corner post, then the height of the post must not be more than 1/16 inches. The clothes of a baby can catch on the post that is higher than the approved height. The posts that are higher than this measurement are usually for supporting a canopy.

A crib with cuts and too much design might seem pretty but they are not practical. The cuts and designing can be hazardous for the baby, so they are a big no.

The most important thing in a crib is the mattress. After a mother’s lap, a baby is most attached to his crib. It is like a home for him, so it must be comfortable and safe. First is the size and then is the filling of the mattress. Make sure that you get the perfect size with the most skin friendly filling. Collect all information you can about the filling, to avoid any allergies so you can give your kid the best baby crib mattress.

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